What’s the point again?

Let’s begin unraveling our adventure in Atlanta.  It’s difficult to sum up the events in one mood. Overall it felt like a disaster.  We approached the idea of the Living Walls Conference with emphatic optimism and direct activism.

The full title stands:  LIVING WALLS THE CITY SPEAKS: A CONFERENCE ON STREET ART AND URBANISM.  It focused on the role of STREET ART and it’s progression to engage with public space.  Sounds radical as all shit, right?

Previously recognized for accomplished street art, and connected to gallery exhibits in Atlanta, The $tatus Faction was a sensible candidate for this style of summit.  The number of excited activists was beyond us, MANY MANY people all over the country and globe got excited for this project to reach fruition.

We worked faithfully with the directors for SEVERAL MONTHS to help donate and RAISE MONEY for Living Walls and many of the other participating artists. We courageously did everything in our power to build this unknown together.

WHAT NOBODY KNOWS IS we also SPONSORED the Living Walls Conference to help perpetuate the intended growth of an entire subculture for the city of Atlanta. We were not formally listed as “Featured Artist AND “Conference Sponsor by our own request.  It was T$F’s sincere commitment of time/energy/money, never something to dangle over anyone’s head. We specifically asked NOT to be listed twice on the circulating promotions.

What’s our fucking point? What fucking difference does it make?

Ultimately- several of T$F’s contributions went to waste in vain and didn’t grow into respectable return results.  That’s not how we roll. We’re down to try something and fail, but we are not down to waste precious and productive time or burn money.

Respect to the director for acting WILDLY AMBITIOUS, but when you take credit for organizing something of that stature– along is your DUTY to follow through til the end. No matter what the situation becomes, you are still held responsible.


Next we reveal an unfortunate conference casualty called!


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