The LWC $aga Continues….

Can’t believe the negativity draining this blog.  Last weekend T$F was at a private Heineken party cold-chilling with DJ Jazzy Jeff, D-Nice, MC Skills, Fabolous and Quest Love.  No shit!  It was ill as fuck! But instead we’re talking about this.  Not for fun- for PRINCIPLE.


BEFORE before T$F ever met— or had a terrible taste in their mouth— was THIS CELEBRATION and ROBBERY.

LET US BEGIN BY POINTING OUT: The $tatus Faction has NO hard feelings with our kind friends at DASHBOARD CO-OP. T$F partnered with Dashboard Co-Op PREVIOUS to the conception of the Living Walls Conference, and it’s been a productive relationship ever since! Look at that! CHEERS DASHBOARD CO-OP!!  In our eyes, Dashboard merely hosted this event for the LWC.  They are not to blame for the misused proceeds.


ART Auction and Celebration of Badasses

Saturday, June 26, 2010 at Mint Gallery, Dashboard hosted an art auction benefiting the Living Walls Conference.

NO members of T$F could be present in Atlanta for the actual event reception.
We assume Jayne Mcginn’s coverage is legitimate.  She wrote a preview of the auction on the official LWC blog found HERE and a re-cap of the reception found HERE.

Here are some key quotes from the piece:
“150 bad- ass pieces of art by 50 bad-ass artists were laid out, hung and getting ready to be hung. Dashboard Co-op is joining forces with Living Walls to curate this silent auction that will run on Saturday June 26th at 7pm to 11pm. It’s a great time to come and get art that would usually sell for a hundred dollars or more at an affordable price. All proceeds will go to Living Walls.

“Courtney Hammond and Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi had been working diligently along side Monica Campana to set up this art auction that is turning out to be a huge event, and as I said before a great time to get some art.”

“In addition to the silent auction there will be posters for sale from $tatus Faction, a raffle including art from Evereman and one piece by Jason Kofke who’s proceeds will go strictly towards his plane ticket to fly him to Atlanta for the Living Walls Conference. There is only 18 more days left to donate so Living Walls can reach their goal…”


Our presence in donation participation was STRONG in this auction. Delusional to the impression our submissions might relatively benefit our conference participation and possibly subsidize some art supplies when we arrived to Georgia- The $tatus Faction pledged around TWENTY PIECES OF ARTWORK+ for this fundraiser. You can see some pics of what we shipped out for this event:

There were loads of signed screen-prints, posters, a couple siiiiiick stretched canvases, a rare T$F handmade book, multiple T$F medallions, and some things we donated that were GIFTS FROM OUR FRIENDS.  These were from OUR OWN COLLECTIONS.  Credit where credit is due to the artists 1N3PT and the homegirl ANNIE MADISON and BIAFRA INC. Their art was also displayed and sold at this event.



Kudos to Jason Kofke- but funny how his auction submissions went directly to fund his airfare to the conference.  REMEMBER HOW THE $TATUS FACTION PAID THEIR OWN AIRFARES?!?!

How the fuck can you purposefully sell our gratuitous merchandise and not show T$F any love in return? HOW DUMB YOU EXHAUSTED THE “LWC BUDGET” BEFORE THE CONFERENCE STARTED! We could have sold that art ourselves, kept the money, then used it to cover OUR expenses in LWC participation.  Instead we pooled money with the LWC bank account.  HOW STUPID OF US!!!

Is it making sense to our readers why The $tatus Faction felt robbed for their LWC sponsorships?!?!?

Think about it, T$F made several contributions to the conference piggy bank- but when LWC directors spent it ALL- T$F got flagrantly neglected!!!



To see photos of the CELEBRATION reception and all the happy faces click HERE.


One response

  1. vemoe

    Still trying to find out what happen to the money a lot of atlanta artist gave stuff for this but I didn’t see any atlanta artist get walls unless you already had a name for yourself! seemed more like a way for the people doing it to make a name for them self and not atlanta.

    September 3, 2010 at 8:53 am

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