7 DEADLY $INS (4 of 7) – “GREED”

We continue revealing our “7 DEADLY $INS” series from the August 2010 Living Walls Conference.

Recently we covered:
1.) “WRATH” which you can see HERE.
2.) “GLUTTONY” which you can see HERE.
3.) “VANITY” which you can see HERE.



GREED (Latin, avaritia), also known as avarice or covetousness, is a sin of excessive desire to possess more wealth or goods than one needs or deserves.

From a Christian perspective, the Bible provides us with a rich definition of this sin. The core of greed is that it is the obsession with accumulating material goods. A greedy person values material goods more than they value God. Greed and slothfulness have  similarities in definition. The greedy and slothful both crave material goods as well as they have no desire to work for or to exchange anything of value for the object of their desires. The slothful will not work even for basic necessities much less add value to the world around them. The greedy will use deception to acquire material goods. The greedy also lie and use false pretenses to acquire goods at the expense of others.

A key aspect of greed is that greed is never satisfied no matter how much material goods are accumulated by a person. The Bible says we are but “greedy dogs” who are obsessed with material things. Greed has no purpose because it can never be satisfied.



We feel pretty confident this one is self-explanatory. Interpret this as you may- we assume most will picture their bedroom Scarface poster. Wamp wamp wamp….

NOTE: If you are not the philistine (look it up) we assume, you are welcome to also consider this piece our T$F homage to Swedish-born sculptor Claes Oldenburg.



This piece of our series was DOPE. We sat on this particular idea for sometime.   We came out to Atlanta and busted this piece out with speed and grace.  We were excited to present something that could hang on the wall- but double as a relief with major 3D elements.  The challenge was mostly in logistics, seeing as our concept was locked.

Again with NO budget assistance from the conference organizers, we purchased all the needed materials locally from our own pockets.  We had this thing all plotted out in our heads.  We hit up the hardware store to get some brackets, pvc pipe, spray paint, 12″ mirrored tiles, some foam insulation and a grip of liquid nails. Fortunately we had access to a gang of power tools as well.

We mounted the mirrored tiles and then began adding our “STAY GREEDY” typography.  We relished at the attention to detail, modeling the paraphernalia around the red-pinstriped straws famously found at McDonald’s.

After making a base for the type relief, we added the appropriate special effects to create a more authentic aesthetic.

Then on to cutting our stencil for proper T$F signage.

The $tatus Faction was so eager to get this piece up for Living Walls, we could barely wait for the glue to dry.  When it was ready to transport- we charged the gallery for installation.  We wanted to have SOMETHING in the gallery space immediately and this three-dimensional artwork went up practically upon our Georgia arrival.  It was a very successful start to the series and acted as a nice introduction and foreshadowing for what was to come that week.

We found some studs in the gallery wall, which was mandatory as this piece was fairly heavy.

We got the jumbo mirror mounted- all that was left was to attach the straw.




As we’ve discussed earlier- the show was crowded as hell.  This particular element of our series was located in a hallway adjacent to the formal gallery.  It was mainly a space for featured artists to paint and the site for (non-attending artist submission) posters to hang in a wheat pasted combo.

It’s our goal to stand out in the crowds.  We feel our interpretation of GREED was an artistic success for The $tatus Faction.  It ultimately stood alone in this tunnel of sensory-overload.  Although we appreciate a “monster-combo of street art” as much as the next guy- we basked in refreshment by this artworks’ unpredictable third-dimension.



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