Death Before Dishonor!

We enter the 2010 winter season of the World Dodgeball Society as the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS.  Yeah, that means we are the BEST team.  The team to beat!  Last season our shirts said “Kill ‘Em All and Let T$F Sort ‘Em Out” an ode to the Marine Corps.  T$F team did just that, wiped out our whole league and took the title.

Oddly enough, and ironic to “sorting people out”, several members of our team secretly plotted against us.  MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY! Without our knowledge, near HALF of our superstar team chose to jump ship.  In the form of revolt, and without reasonable motive, these people attempted to create a SUPER team of hand-poached dodgeball veterans and register to play AGAINST the T$F champions.  We are equal parts disappointed by their lack of loyalty and shocked at their stupidity!  YOU ARE REALLY DUMB!  FOR REAL. SO DUMB.

Ultimately, the league chairmen denied their application to join the league (it’s invitation only league- don’t forget!). After that happened and the captains were made aware of the deception- we made an easy decision to deny them from returning to our team.  OUR TEAM IS INVITE ONLY TOO. It’s cold to lose some great players, but their heart was in the wrong place.  DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR! Please be conscious that The $tatus Faction is waaaaaay bigger than a dodgeball team. We’d rather lose with pride than win by associating with posers. You are repping a name that has value far beyond the court in the gym.

We won’t name names, but you know who you are, and you are fucked.  Two games in, and several hands short, we are STILL undefeated.  This shirt is dedicated to those lost in direction.  You forgot where you came from! RESPECT FEW / FEAR NONE!!


Now presenting our latest in graphic design, inspired by both military and criminal motorcycle clubs, THE NEWEST IN NEW T$F DODGEBALL UNIFORMS:


This design carries several symbols for T$F.  The “DC” on the right is specific to “Dodgeball Club,” after all this is not a MOTORCYCLE club shirt.  The infamous “13” patch refers to ‘M’, the 13th letter in the alphabet, and often means “Marijuana.”  “NATION” is what we represent, and “Lost Angeles” is the local L.A. chapter. The center design is based on The Status Faction’s signature iron cross. It’s also reinterpreted with the Pentagram, symbolizing “Death” and the crosses symbolizing the opposite“S.A.L.G.I.A.” is a Latin mnemonic where each letter symbolizes the “Seven Deadly Sins.” Now you know!


Beyond the design work, if you can’t afford to out source- the production is always a pain.
HUGE THANK YOU to PAY RAY from Hit+Run Crew and T$F.

We dialed in American Apparel for the blanks, and used a DISCHARGE for the printing ink.  Discharge is essentially bleach.  Instead of adding a white ink (water or oil-based) on TOP of a blank shirt, discharge ink REMOVES the dye from the cotton.  Resulting in a 100% soft to the touch and a very bright tonal color.

It’s some professional shit- not for your home use.  You must mix a discharge BASE to an activating powder before printing.  The shelf-life of this mixture is only 8 hours.

After printing the shirts, we used a flash dryer to begin the activation process and dry the ink to the touch.

After that we put the shirts in an industrial-grade heat press for 15 seconds.  This is 300 degrees and also utilizes alot of pressure.

It’s kind of a bitch process without access to a proper conveyor dryer- but the results where the same and the quality is professional on all levels.  GOOD WORK PAY RAY!



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