PROP. 19: Legalization of Marijuana

"I'm Oh So Southern Californialistic!" -3RD1, 2010

Of course this is on the California ballot – I ask you, where else??? But it was truly inevitable. In a state where marijuana is the largest unofficial crop in our state’s GDP, legalization was bound to be on the ballot sooner or later. The sooner is a realistic reaction to what could be the worst budget shortfall in a lifetime.

The GOP is treating this as a wedge issue; unfortunately for them, they’re living a generation in the past. Californians are genuinely pragmatic and optimistic. It’s the nature of a state built on the idea of a gold boom and riches for all. We are problem solvers. The market exists for marijuana. It is already there, so legalize it, regulate it and TAX it. Just like any other intoxicant we legally sell (e.g. alcohol and tobacco). – Momma Politico

A YES vote for California’s newest cash crop.



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