Last weekend Status Faction had the pleasure of attending William Nichol‘s latest solo show “Seasons.”

Born in Chicago in 1942, Nichols is not only an established artist, but also a good friend.
Growing up around Bill’s paintings made it all the more interesting to see his current endeavors.

Unfortunately we got to the gallery near the reception’s closing- but still had time to chat with Bill about his new work. These incredibly hypnotic landscapes are a beautiful mix of impressionism and expressionism. Upon close inspection, Nichols uses a fascinating treatment of brushed oil paint to mimic watercolor effects.


To those who missed the reception, “SEASONS” is on view until Dec. 24, 2010.
Visit L.A.’s THOMAS PAUL FINE ART GALLERY to witness yourself.

7270 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (323) 525-0444

GALLERY HOURS:  TUES. – SAT. 11AM TO 6 P (and by appointment)


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