Steady Mobbing…

We return with another edition of The Status Faction “steady mobbing.”

(click to enlarge)

Only in good fun, take a second to vote (only once!) f0r THE $TATUS FACTION as “Top Street Art Crew 2010” at

You need not register or endure any pain besides clicking the link right HERE.

ALSO!  T$F was kindly nominated for “Sticker Artist of the Year 2010” just click and vote right HERE.

We don’t often plug other blogs, products or artists. We do our own thing and try hard not to get caught up in the politics.  These type of polls and websites are riddled in politics.  We’ve interacted with basically every candidate on these lists and don’t think of anybody as our “competition.”  What the fuck comes with winning an online poll?!?  You think T$F will get a trophy and a crown?  HA!  Nothing comes of it, and we couldn’t care less, cheers all around. The internet is a great means to reach an audience who cannot see our work in their home city, at least not yet! The streets are so temporary and unpredictable the only solution is more, more and MORE WORK. Everyone has some hater inside. Don’t lie. The choice is to either bitch and complain or proactively address the problem.  It’s so much easier said than done.  BE ABOUT IT.  In the challenge to reach T$F’s maximum potential, our true competition is only us.

Melrose And Fairfax is a really dedicated photo blog of L.A.’s stickers and street art accomplishments.  The polls are open for another 20 days. Blogs of this nature rarely generate money, but absolutely require thankless effort and invested time.  People either love or hate these blogs, but generally their frustration stems from personal activism (or lack of).  The Status Faction was built on the motivational mantra “Don’t TALK about it, just BE about it.”

In short, we don’t take contests and web fame all that serious.  We don’t whine and worry.
T$F simply and sincerely thanks L.A.’s selfless photo diaries.
Particular those supporting our effort stimulating the visual cityscape.

Bookmark these websites!

Melrose & Fairfax


KzerGabe Gallery

The Dirt Floor

The Streets Are Calling

Left Coast Letters

Street Art Stickers (Bomit)


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