A Few Things

Whatas next on the docket????!!!!! A back lock of things to be posted… never catch up, too much to do!!!

Some olde gangsta shit from Asendoner!!

This one right here! I loved this combo, There was a sick anotmical heart hand made sticker in the top left and we went around it… less than 12hrs later…Buffed! heart still there….

2 sick combos!


This shit here, stumbled up on this old ass amtrack train parked in this building… has made it into a few movies here.

a beautiful view of Atlanta!!!

’06 old and no more…

most of the time I hate my pieces but that TSF goes hard as hell!!!

A friend emailed this to me an I thought it was hilarious! I cant speak for everyone in TSF but for my brain it is a mergeance of both of these. it was obviously bone by a graff artist that is all butt hurt that the game has evolved but there is something to be said on both sides… “yeah, give me money”

I wish I made this show, looked like a blast to set up for!!!

Found this one in a article in the Creative Loafing, it was on the new graffiti Task Force in Atlanta. lets see we got NOS TSF, VOMET KAOS INC, a TNA roller, STEAL IOK, Big bad CINCO and then som Trash down on the end…

ASEND passed this along to me, the contact sheet for “SA SMASH’s” album cover “SMASHY TRASHY” one of the greatest hip hop records ever released. if you have not heard it go get it!!! its about 10 years old at this point but it encompasses everything that is hip-hop… sick beats, nonchalant i dont give a fuck rapping, and plenty of encouragement to do what the fuck eva!!! RIP BIG CAMU TAO!!!

this herrrrr is sick and still running!!!

But a Bitch aint one!!!

Yeah thats where it goes!!! “In the Trash!!!”

this guy right here kills shit in the South East…

this is the train view of a newbe…


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