Gifts from the family…

Been sending out my love and the love has been coming back….

If you are generous- the generosity will come back….

BUT if you spread poison- the poison comes back too.



New hardware from NOS • T$F and our Zoroaster family.

New footwear from STUDY (click it).

New headwear by STAMPD’ LA (click it)


The $tatus Faction RARELY endorse products through our web platform, however— this gear is some of the most unique on the market. The hat is DOPE. Some people SMOKE dope and some people ARE dope. T$F can do both.  Hell— we can do whatever the fuck we want to— you just do what you can about it.

The stickers are for the public, and the shoes are for a purpose, the hat however, is limited to only 50 pieces world wide (and it contains a stash pocket). If you don’t think our endorsement isn’t meaningful- maybe this guy will change your mind. You probably already listen to him!

Open your eyes and perhaps even open your wallet.



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