Street Art Pop-Up Store x T$F

Opening March 4th, 2011 Bomit presents the world’s first Street Art Pop-up Store.

The secret location (soon to be released) will be in T$F’s beloved neighborhood of Echo Park, California.

The Store will only feature the work of Artists who have put in hard work on the Streets. is opening this in order to bring some major publicity to the Street Art / Sticker Scene. We are assisting Bomit by putting our own personal art & merchandise on display and up for sale.

Containing a massive and diverse collection, some featured artists include: Dick Chicken, Gaia, Dual Streets, Subhumanoid, Restitution Press, Love Me, Know Hope, Biafra Inc, Banksy (just kidding) Bigfoot, The Status Faction and many many MANY more.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

T$F proudly created a filthy ass mini-installation for this venue.
Think; Graffiti/Sex/Stickers/Drugs/Fine Art.

In addition to being featured as a participating artist, The Status Faction opted to sponsor this venture. What does that mean? Did we donate cash money?
Chill out buddy boy, we’re not rich. We don’t have money, we got lawyers and court fees to cover! We have sponsored in our own right.  We donated a very generous amount of T$F hand creations to the cause. For everyone confused and talking shit out the side of their necks— we will not be profiting from this retail environment.  We DONATED with no strings attached, no profit sharing, and no financial expectations.

The Street Art Store will be offering original T$F created t-shirts, posters, pasters, jewelery, stickers, buttons and more.  100% of the sales will be reallocated into FURTHERING THE MOVEMENT OF STREET ART.  These sales will provide income to keep the rent afloat and contribute to building, a web platform dedicated to circulating sticker art, for FREE.

In addition to the merchandise and custom created art, T$F is working with the organization to prepare and promote the venue space. It is a genuine selfless act from us to support this concept. We don’t need a pat on the back or a ‘thank you’ but we’re explaining our participation to curb the morons who dare gossip that The Status Faction is profit-motivated by their contributions to the street. We fuckin hustle, we don’t have a recipe with our intentions.  We work from the heart, create from the soul, and contribute for the love. We never give a fuck, but keep your facts in check before you make assumptions. We are constantly angry.  The Status Faction is FUELED by this feeling and our behavior is based on emotion. Since 2007, we have created MANY “products” but they have always been for OURSELVES, and then circulated the extras.  We can honestly say that we’ve never made a profit from this art collective.  Not that we hate money, it’s just a false pretense that we don’t own.  We are graffiti writers turned multi-dimensional.  We don’t give a fuck about the bullshit.

With that being said, go open dad’s wallet and come to the Street Art Pop-Up store during March.  Buy a T$F shirt and poster and you can feel good that your conscious consumerism is going to support a movement, not our lobster dinner.



For more information and the address release visit: (click it!)


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