Street Art Pop Up Store re-cap

Last night was the grand-opening of BOMIT.COM’s STREET ART POP UP STORE.

In our opinion it was greatly successful. Only 10 minutes after the doors opened the place was crowded as fuck.  Great turnout. The Status Faction had the pleasure of meeting some new friends, new fans, and even better our old homies and crew.

We were in an exceptionally good/friendly mood last night, but in hindsight, we feel the shit was sort of a scene building outside. We suppose street art is a “scene” but must we remind the public that T$F is not scenesters?!?

We do what WE do and you do what YOU do. We don’t give a motherfuck about fitting in or pleasing anyone.  It smells a little fishy if cats are getting into this street art scene to make cheddar, to make friends, to be accepted, sell gallery work, or sell some clothes.  Go join a band, hang out at the same night club week after week, play competitive sports or just piss off.  Any of these fake ass busters won’t be around in 2012.  Success is only measured with TIME. Think about that. Just because you put up a few dinky posters or a 1000 stickers doesn’t mean you’re down.

Not to tug our own dicks- but the members of The $tatus Faction have been doing dirt for a loooooong time.  We ALL come from graffiti.  We’ve hit trains, rooftops, tags, rollers, bombs and burners for years and years.  We’ll easily bust out some flicks of illegal masterpiece from 12+ years ago- just ask. We might not have all been on the cutting edge of  street art when it divided from graffiti, but we’ve evolved and we also hold our roots close to our hearts.  WE DO US. We do whatever the fuck, and we do this shit with grimy style.  We know the rules, we play by the unwritten rules, the rules of GRAFFITI.  It’s about respect, and when you disrespect someone and their contribution to the street, get ready for retribution. Fall back on the smiles and the 5-year plans.  Chill out on the spotjocking, side busting and xerox trash you put over someone else.  Get the fuck off google images, drop the clip art and figure this shit out.

If we continue seeing this incestuous scene, T$F is going to employ a janitor to follow us around and mop the barf off our dirty shoes.

The sun is shining! Good morning world!

Here are some pics of our installation for the show.  Click the pics to enlarge.

Props again to Bomit for building his dream!


One response

  1. Word to all of that, good to meet some of you last night. Keep doin what you’re doin, Peace

    March 5, 2011 at 11:11 am

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