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Sticker Combos and Crack Heads


Atlanta is filled with some of the nicest crack heads you’ll ever bump into.  No doubt rock runs hard in the city. Dope boys and dope traps run rampant.

A couple fun combos included some odd fiends around the action.

This box got wrapped up during the day and people were definitely weirded out by what we were doing.  Cars were looking on, pedestrians were asking questions and also making compliments.  Someone called this “creative.”  I think they actually understood!  HA!

While this thing was getting wallpapered up, some doped out lady with no shoes on got struck by a car at an intersection.  We’d like not to think that it was our fault, since our actions were distracting to motorists at the intersection.  She got knocked the fuck out, but  managed to get up and walk off to the side of the street in a daze.  Some lady ran across the street with a cell phone to call the authorities.  An ambulance AND a full size firetruck came to the scene. I guess she was a “captain save-a-crackhead.” HA!

The next day when going to photograph the combo, in the same fuckin intersection a 16-wheeler big rig had it’s front tire pop right off the rim!  The tire went snowballing down the road and rolled “safely” over and into a bunch of flowers on the side of the road.  The tireless rim scratched a deep and long cut into the road, shit was wild.  Cops came to block the street while they did damage repair.  Lucky we weren’t killed putting this together.  THE STREETS ARE WILD! 

This next jumbotronic combo has a good tale too. We spent a hot minute getting this one all tidy.  This funny ass cracked out dude came thru.  3RD gave him some change to buzz off, then he started to juice NOS for his change.  NOS told him he worked hard for the cake and wasn’t about to hand it out.  So the dude was all “put me to work!” and Nos said “what the fuck you gonna do for me?” The crackhead had a great solution “I’ll pick up all this trash here, I’ll pick it up real good.”  He was referring to the hundreds of paper sticker backs all over the ground in front of the box.  Shit, this was the best $1.35 spent!  He picked that garbage up good!  T$F doesn’t like to leave all that litter on the ground, but who likes cleaning up after themselves?

During the time he was lingering around, the fiend was singing Tupac and messing up the lyrics. Shit was hilarious he was all “TELL MARY nigga run quick see, do you wanna ride or die…” HAHAHAH WTF?!? After that he went on to tell us how legendary Pac was and that Michael Jackson was too.  Said he met MJ and he looked like a women, then he did this HILARIOUS impersonation of his voice, high-pitched of course.  Shit was classic.  He was a nice man.  He took the near $2 we gave him and said he was “finna hit up Church’s chickens before they close.”  GOOD TIMES IN THE ATL.


Lib’s Tib’s and other good food.

There are so many mind sets that transcend thru us in our lifetime and space… Unfortunately most people, most of the time, are worried about what others think… If you would only take an ounce of that energy and focus it on doing something selfless, your world would change 10 fold. People walk around like little billboards for fashion and multi billion dollar company’s that would not even think once about your tiny little non-existent life (to them) and shit on you like there is no tomorrow. They do it all the time anyways. Can we even break out of this trap?  Where are we going to go? Into a building that taco bell built? Your life will end quicker than you can even blink as long as you keep doing what they have bred, taught and molded your brain into thinking is right okay and/or acceptable… You can’t trust your self if you truly wanna break free. We’re not alone, we have only been systematically segregated to the needs and benefit of them. It is not them, it is we. We are not alone…

=Search your feelings–are the negative things that you feel often based in something that somewhere along the line someone instilled in you was wrong? what have you done with your moral compass? where did you put it, where did you get it?… do you even know what the fuck that you are searching so desperately for>? The most powerful thing they use on US is mind control, there is no way around this one 98% of the population is fuct! the other 1.5% dies before the age of 28 often from drug or alcohol “related” complications. so there is the tiniest little group that squeaks by… the second that controls is the one that I just mentioned drugs and alcohol, this one is the burner… fucks up, takes out and controls so much that the people on top don’t ever need to worry really anymore, just puts money in their pockets. Okay, this one is great… this one i laugh at all the time… T.V. this single-handedly knocked out and added elitist mind control to everywhere!!! let me see how dumb we can make you!

formal education, the blind leading the blind…

5000 years ago at least, hieroglyphics, a way further advanced language than our history books, was wiped out and that history was destroyed so that there could be slavery of the masses. look at your self, slave…

Humans have been on this earth a long TIME. Where is the history? why do the story’s and books only go back 1000 years? when it is FACT that writings, civilization and higher understanding once ruled this planet… SLAVE WORKER BEEZ.

The moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers.


Steady Mobbing….

Easter Sticker Combo

Duurty South sticker combo.

Easter in Atlanta, outside Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt.

Shout out to the homie J.C. and John 14:6!

NOS / 3RD / T$F • Blue and White

WTF: weekend edition

There’s never a lack of “what the fuck moments” when you live in the city.

This edition brings you;

1. Gangbanger Ernie from Sesame Street
2. Neighborhood Sensitivity
3. Sexual Spraypaints
4. a Missing Medicated Mutt
5. the Oldest iPhone user
6. the Youngest Tecate Consumer
7. Horses in Hollywood
8. L.A.’s Finest Freeway.


photo © November80/Richard

Handy Slaps

Stencils / markers over various mailing labels.

~Third1 • T$F~