The nerve of some people

Rolled by the Lab Art show with the homie INEPT yesterday.

To our dismay this silly somebody thought it was a good idea to pull as many stickers off the streets and put them around his digitally printed paintings.  Then put the work in an extravagant frame and price it at an astonishing $34,000!!!!

Never heard of the dude, but yo check this out- don’t fucking take T$F work off the street and then put it inside your gallery art.  You’re A.) disrespecting The Status Faction, and B.) exploiting The Status Faction.  We don’t know you and we didn’t give you our permission.

And on a side note- whats up with all the irony of these haters?!  So many street artists talking shit about Mr. Brainwash but your art looks like his celebrity-ridden shit.  You took the dudes recipe and dumbed it down even a step further. However the worst part of it all is you never put in a fraction of the grind MBW did.

If you wanna see how T$F collaborates with another gallery artist (Nate Frizzell) click HERE

Tonight go check out Nate Frizzell’s new show opening.  He sold out his first two solo shows and we don’t expect anything less from our homeboy this round.


One response

  1. The $tatus Faction speaking truth.

    May 13, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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