If you live in Los Angeles, don’t miss C.A.V.E. gallery’s art show tonight; “Removing the Safety Net”.

I’m proud to say Zach Johnson is a good friend of T$F.  I’ve know Zach for the better part of a decade and he is one of the freshest dudes.  Not only he is incredibly talented and creative, he’s also very humble and down to Earth.  I’ve had the pleasure of smashing a couple trucks and walls with Zach long long ago in Boston.

I remember one night we hiked this train track that turned into some crazy bridge.  Shit got super high and when you’re stepping across fairly wide spread train tracks in the dark of night with a huge drop to your death below you’re adrenaline is pumping.  I don’t recall knowing it was going to get so hairy, but it was one of those missions that by the time you’re there, it becomes the point of no return.

I had a similar experience with Phylo and Asend when we hiked up the Angel’s Flight in downtown L.A.  We were leaving the bar on Hill St and the Angel Flight was under construction and we thought it’d be a short cut to our parking.  Shit was skeeeetch. Another point of no return mission.  You can’t just turn around and start climbing down, you just go.

I digress, but don’t miss Zach’s group show tonight in L.A., he’ll unfortunately be holding down Portland, but I’ll be there as a proxy! Ha! 



To see more of Zach’s work: CLICK HERE!!


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