~Proud Family~ T$FX1101BMX

Now I have ridden a skateboard my whole life but that is not about to stop me from stopping by 1101 BMX in Atlanta, GA. when the blinds are open to re~up on shit I know nothing about!!! The owner of this fine establishment has been the focus of a T$F spotlight blog and a long time friend of mine.

So welcome every one to 1101 BMX.

T$F:How long have you been kicking ass and taking names?

1101: Approximately 341,866.6 hours so far

T$F: How long have you been messing with BMX?

1101: My best guess would be right at 11,911,542,713 seconds

 T$F: What is 1101 mean?

1101: Thirteen in binary code

T$F: What is the significance of that number to you?

1101: The number 13 has many meanings, M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, 3 is man, 1101 adds up to 3, the weirdness continues…  numerology and symbolism are the only lasting link to consciousness between modern man and his cognitive beginnings…   unlucky 13…   

T$F: How paranoid are you?

1101: I am only paranoid when i think about it, which is almost never these days, except when someone reminds me about all the reasons to be paranoid… If you think about things and really observe how they unfold, eventually things will start unfolding your way…or you will be totally self-deluded…

 T$F:Whats the most fuct up story you have from riding?

1101: Taking a “street shank” from a homeless dude behind taco cabana and throwing it up on top of the roof, pallets = ramps and pallets = homes…  we had some confusion…  it was heavier than a razor melted into a toothbrush, but nothing like a greyman…more like buffet butter knife with grip tape…i’m looking forward to better street stories.

 TSF: When did you open the store?

1101: 10.10

T$F: What do you specialize in?

1101: Top shelf BMX gear, comeaux welding caps, and kiwis who love handlebars…nice…

T$F: If people want to check out your store what should they do?

1101:Haul arse to: 2115 Piedmont Rd. NE Suite 103 Atlanta, GA 30324 conveniently located between Tattletale’s and Tower Liquor… or go to the website: or call: 404-881-1101 or fax: 404-881-1104

 T$F: What do you attribute your insanity to?

1101: The dweller on the threshold {D.o.t.T.}

 T$F:What makes you tick?

1101: Coffee, motorhead, the unconventional, freedom, and luck…

 T$F: Who is the coolest interviewer you know?

1101: HST and you (gotta get my points in there)

T$F: How long until we can expect to see the first official 1101 BMX team?

1101: We can expect to see a offical 1101bmx team in the next 6 months… We also service, repair, and build wheels for all bike types… Jimmy Greene is now assisting me in sales, service, and tech support… Our goal is the promotion and support  of the Atlanta bmx sceene, culture, and it’s riders!!! 1101bmx- “we are Atlanta’s BMX shop!!!”

 T$F:Whos your favorite rider?

1101: Anyone who tries insane shit that makes em puke…-METAL – past and present -BONE DETH,-BANNED,-all the numbskulls in ATL doin’ it everyday when nobody’s watchin or filmin!

 T$F:Shout outs?

-BEASTMODE ATL – Jimmy, Lofton, Mike, D-Rod, Kelly the Viking!, and those who support em… METAL BIKES CO., BONE DETH, S&M BIKES, FBM, VERDE, SUBROSA, ECLAT, SPUTNIC, SHADOW, AND ORCHID… -Peaches, Jay, Ash, Beanie, Crews, Crazy Bob, “phillip the argonaut”, Catlin, D. Lemke, Adam, Smoker D, Steve, Jerrod@Sparky’s, Sean@S&M, TAL Clothing, GreenhouseBMX staff, Brett@FBM, Big Erik, Big Mike, Gina the design guru, Willy, and my awesome kiwi woman- Sarah- thanks for all the support and love!

 THANKS BIG MAN!!! We will see you in the STREETS!!!


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