Celebrity Street Art

Who doesn’t love celebrity street art?!?!?  Los Angeles must looooooooooove it!

Famous people NEED more exposure.  Street artists might want to latch onto their accomplishments.

Here is a list of some famous name drops I have seen in L.A.:
(in no particular order)
Marilyn Manson, President Obama, Andy Warhol, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Larry King, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Martin Luther King, Britney Spears, Madonna, Ralph Macchio, Robert Deniro, Andre the Giant, Audry Hepburn, Mel Gibson, Steve Aoki (barely famous), Guru, KRS One, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Bill O’Reilly, Christian Bale, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Ronald Regan, Charlie Sheen, Marylin Monroe, Twiggy, Natalie Portman, Muhammad Ali, Paris Hilton, Jack Nicholson, Buddah, Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, Moses, Paul Revere, George Washington, Nas, Sean Connery, Alfred Hitchcock, Daft Punk, Lindsey Lohan, Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bob Marley, Kid Cudi, Arnold Schwarznegger, Jon Heder, Charlie Chaplin, Louis Armstrong, Tom Cruise, Salvador Dali, John F. Kennedy, Sid Vicious, Elvis Presley, John McCain, David Bowie, Dr. Phil, Hank Williams, Mickey Avalon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Joaquin Phoenix, Christopher Walken, Jimi Hendriz, Eazy-E, Ray Charles, Bill Murray, Adrian Brody, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Ed O’neill, Cameron Diaz, James Dean, Frida, Jamie Fox, Tom Selleck, Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, Eddie Murphy…..

Leave a comment if I left someone off this list.  Big ups to MBW and ABOVE for capturing the majority of these people.


As T$F pondered this list we noticed two super famous people that we felt became neglected in the world of L.A. street art.


WAKE UP!!!  You would be a fool to over look Jake’s 2005 Oscar-nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain, and must T$F remind you that Katie Holmes was the most integral part of Dawson’s Creek?!?!

Rather than wait around, we filled the gap and proudly present to you two very important celebrities. (drum roll please)

If you don’t know the definition of “ubiquitous” click the link HERE

You’re welcome L.A.!


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