Are my methods sound enough for you…

Retro throw back, neo-sticker, lick the dick her, none be sicker, that shits fresher, keep your rookie brainwasher!!!SUCKA!!!

So much going on in the word today! Never time to the self!! This is a new Sticker collection brought to you by The $tatus Faction!!! Keep your eyes open and feet on the ground!!!!

“Big homie”-CAMU TAO=Rest in Power!!!

“The Royal Blood”-Charlemagne, King of Franks and Emperor of the Romans…FACT!

“It Begins”  Ras al Ghul in the Himalayas…

“Turning my back”

“You Really Think”

“Chilla Bee” !DOAXT$F!


“The King”-E(s)ONEaRTHT$F

“We are what was”-Gandolf

“Wallpaper” unknown

 “Your Fuct” Rasputin

“Olde One Foot” Big badd Neil

“Yound Immortals”






“Saw me just before I lost it” Doc


 And a chunk of throw backs!!!















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