Why don’t you go bomb, there is an idea…

What the fuck is up with every one being a “Street Artist” this is a term that no one would self apply where I come from.. Even more so, you meet someone calling them self this and they don’t have shit riding in the street… What gives? What are you? Where is your shit?! You AINT SHIT!!! If most of the shit you produce don’t end up in the street EAT A DICK… Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gallery shows, canvas work and interior work but grow a pair and smash the streets!!! Even if its off in the cut! All these muthafuckas these days are soft as fuck!!! there ain’t no 1/2 way crooks! everybody wants to be a criminal and no one wants to do the crime. or even more importantly do the time!!! You do it, you do it, you do it. Quit crying about credit, quit crying about your belly, oh i got to do this oh I’m doing that, bitch ima tatt your forehead when I catch y0u off in that slippin’ mode…

I’m not talking being able to count how much you have got out there,,, infinite, ongoing, never stoping, always mobbin, spot rockin’, endless…

People get into this shit for all sorts of different reasons,, but there is always the one thing that must reign true in all of us… putting it up and out there connected to the concrete for others to see. IF NOT?! YOU AIN’T SHIT!!! NOW GET TO WORK!!! And keep your crybaby shit to yourself…


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