What is The $tatus Faction?

Standing in the midst of it all, neither higher nor lower, with all those who are working and struggling is The $tatus Faction (T$F).  Change itself is the very basis for our continuity as people.  Located in Hollywood & established in 2007– T$F is a multi-dimensional collective composed of artists, designers, musicians, and elite creative individuals.  Bonded thru respective past experiences, and fueled by congruent future ideologies, T$F is determined to resist conformity.  All things being equal, T$F sets out to create their own scene— while avoiding the invasion of your available ones.

The $tatus Faction has no rules, restrictions, or familiarities.  The distinct goal is creating quality results– soley to appease our unique perspective and desire.  Although proven successful with visual & commercial art, T$F remains eager to utilize variety in method and media.  Having no mold to the collective’s configuration creates a carefree mind-set, which refrains T$F from all conventional stereotyping.

“The past is history and the future is a mystery” – Mike Tyson