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FML / LOL Art Gallery Pics

Huge shout outs to Lee over at KC Street Art Gallery, The RynHam, Insurgency Inc, Downsize, Eeks Art, Ewo, and all of Kansas City!

The show was awesome, it remains open for the next couple months if you’re on Kansas City, check it out.  Work is still selling!

Had a blast creating some awesome sculptures on site, a couple fantastic works of public art, and a truly fun interactive installation.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


xox 3RD ONE • T$F


Screen Fiends Re-cap 1

SCREEN FIENDS L.A.  premiered on Saturday night and it was siiiiiiick!

Good turn out, good times, and everything fell together just in time for the exhibit.

We were very proud to present the work on our home turf.

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped bring Screen Fiends to Hollywood and DOUBLE thanks for all the lovely people that came to support!  THANK YOU + THANK YOU!!!!

Here’s a FEW pics from the show, but more are coming soon in the next couple days!