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Whatever happened to Matthew McConaughey?

Looks like Tim got GREAT use out of the Kayne West and Matthew McConaughey stencils T$F made for Live Action Art.


Photos of the pieces in use during the latest (Photography) battle Colorwars, ended up in the LA Weekly.

Picture 2Picture 5

L.A.A. is doing crazy stuff, this was a photography competition but somehow involved throwing Hostess Cupcakes at stencils of celebrities, a pillow fight, and massive mess-making.  Keep your eye out for future events from Live Action Art.

Picture 6Picture 7Picture 8Picture 9Picture 10

We’re bummed we couldn’t make it out the event last weekend, but you can see additional coverage here.

Glad to see the stencils got good use!  Now Tim- hurry up and complete Operation: Remove Ghey Widget from blog!!!


Live Action Art

Whoa this is weird, this marks two days in a row that Yeezy is on our blog!  I don’t think we even really like that guy!

As it’s been said we’re working on our website-  We’ve done MAJOR updates this week, check out all the galleries in the “visual” section!

One thing that’s been challenging is fixing our landing page- we want the blog to be frequently updated and entertaining for everyone!  One thing that will enable that is a proper feed- not that wack ass widget.  3 web designers later- I met up with the homeboy Tim.

Tim’s been doing programming for 10 years and we struck a barter.  He needed some help with some artistic decoration and we need resolution on this web blog.  Tim wanted two huge stencils of vilified celebrities; Kayne West and Matthew McConaughey to use at his upcoming art event.

T$F banged the shit out, and next week our site will be super clean!
Check these stencils out, came out mad decent.

Kayne 1/2 cut stencil

Kayne 1/2 cut stencil

Kayne stencil cut out

Kayne stencil cut out

Spraying Mr. West

Spraying Mr. West

Tim and the 2 finished stencils

Tim and the 2 finished stencils

Let me tell you about Tim right quick, besides being tall and wearing gardening gloves to move a 4 foot piece of plywood (precious programming fingers??), Tim ALSO operates Live Action Art.

LiveActionArt is like nothing you’ve seen before.
LiveActionArt is LIVE ART BATTLES in the middle of huge audiences, with one-of-a-kind themes and crowd interaction.  LiveActionArt opens audiences to experience and participate in the process of creation.

…All with a dose of theater and excitement.

The $tatus Faction participated in the Re:Build Art Battle earlier this year.  We didn’t win- we lost to some dude in CBS crew- we didn’t lose based on the finished art- we fucked the place up so bad they just COULDN’T reward our $tatus behavior. HA!  It was a blast- if you check our “videos” page on you can see videos of both rounds we entered- we killed it!

L.A.A. is having another art battle this weekend, except this time it’s PHOTOGRAPHY.

Check the shit out- it’s VERY unique and exciting.  You can find more info at

colorwars_flyer_frontPhotographers, each tasked with capturing a different color inside of an enormous gallery audience, go on the hunt. The camera will be their paint brush, the film their paint, and the audience their subjects.

In conjunction with Create:Fixate 613 Imperial St. Los Angeles, CA 90021