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THE $TATUS FACTION’s-Midwest Nightmare Tour

Has officially begun…

WB Records GIG! art show

Get ready for round 2!!

Warner Brothers Records is hosting it’s second art show.  The theme of this show is gig posters.  The artists participating were asked to create their fantasy concert poster, and The $tatus Faction has outdone themselves once again.  We’re not going to post the submission until after the show opens, but trust us- it’s a muthafuckin show stopper!

Check out the line up in this round, ThirdOne is very proud to exhibit alongside AXIS from CBS, Paul Frank, Risk, Hydro74, Septerhed, Destroy All Design, Frank Maddocks, Aiko, and more.

Don’t miss this show, rsvp:
List closes May 16th.

Show opens Friday May 18th • 6-9pm
Located at the WB Records Headquaters 3300 Warner Blvd, Burbank 91505


The Redbull art show was a big turn out.  Obviously it was strange since it was run by corporate backers and LabArt, not sure if either of those entities have their finger on the pulse.  Going on a limb, my guess is NO.

There are SO many talented artists in L.A. and the line up seemed so-so.  There were rumors Mear and Kofie would be in this show, but when the details surfaced and the location was revealed things got shook up.  Whatever, who knows?  TSF was still proud to show work with Codak, Ernesto, Smear, Siff, Sept, Kophns and some other heads….

T$F killed the project by combining spray paint and screenprinting, a medium no other participant explored.  We’re proud to always use an alternate approach for these group exhibits.  Wait til you see what we’ve cooked up for the second Warner Brothers Records gallery- it’s a show stopper!

The place got packed the fuck out, they over promoted the shit out of the event, the cops came, fire marshal, all that jazz.  The real kicker was right before the reception started Redbull sat down all the artists and had a meeting to coach us how to promote redbull.  Specifics on how to properly hashtag, twitter links, instagram links, and on and on.  It was pretty disgusting.  We were instructed to contact everyone we know and beg them to txt msg votes for our work, in order to win a trip to Miami.  A good ‘old fashion popularity contest, one of our favorite kinds of competition, second only to a traditional foot race.

Our T$F social networking sites were recently flagged and disabled, so no problem ignoring that aspect, we lost several thousand facebook “friends”.  I did however ask my mom to vote, she came through the gallery with me.  Oh but wait, mom dukes said she didn’t bring her cell phone.  You know you got no chance when you’re own parent won’t even vote for you.  HAHAHAHA!  Thanks momma!

That wasn’t even the funniest part!  One of the 3 “winners” would be chosen by a panel of “celebrity” judges that included the owner of the gallery space- who coincidentally represents several of the participating artists- I wonder who he voted for?!?  Then some random z-list actress, probably from Gossip Girl or 7th Heaven type show, and finally Chad “I swear I’m not racist” Muska.  I can respect Chad for being a pioneer in 5-0 grinding a handrail, but having him judge my art makes as much sense as me judging him in the X-Games! STOOPS!

Redbull did kick down $175 to me for art supplies, which was great, and I do honestly enjoy their energy drink product, but what a circus the event was!  I can’t wait to see the video. GOOD TIMES!

Here’s a gallery of photos from the show.  I took this from random websites. Click to enlarge.


This is the monster that barfs out your “art’