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Shit on you…

So lately around town I have noticed another vandal has been going over me, I just happen to recognize his shit from web site that I can contact him thru. So of course I hit him up, he assured me that he ment nothing by it and offers me up a spot on a Halloween mural. says “oh we should paint together” so I guess no big deal… I ask him for directions so that I can go check out the wall and see if I want to be a part of it… so he starts to be all vague about where it’s at and is all short with me so fuck it!

The next day one of the homies that is aware of the situation hits me up with a picture of the mural OVER another piece of mine! FUCKER this guy is either being massively passive aggressive or he is just some dumb ass toi either way the mural blows….


But I had a change of heart and decide to add my little piece of flair to the mural. Its kind of a big space so very difficult to see my contribution to the work of, I mean pile of shit no pun intended…IMG_0313yup, sometime times I get down like a homeless guy… But i mean it’s a fuckin metaphor right? i mean am i wrong here people? I try to be nice and polite to these fucks!!!

IMG_0315I like to think of it as a nice blend of minimalism and expressionism! along with a big olde “FUCK YOU FUCKS” attached ūüôā

Then as I’m leaving I find this!

IMG_0316No its not the orange thing its whats below it! 5 gallon bucket slightly used to buff that wall… they left their dam paint? Come up fool! and back off or else Ill shit on all you fuckers!!!


Today is Friday.¬† Friday is a great day, it’s also the day before Halloween.

I stopped by the taco truck and grabbed some bootleg DVD’s for the weekend.

$5/each I got Where The Wild Things Are and Paranormal Activity.

SOme little fucker basically spoiled the end of Paranormal Activity before I even bought it, but I heard the shit is pretty freaky and it’s topical to the this holiday.

WildThingsBootlegParanormalBootlegAnd to top it all off, there was a midget dressed as Micro Michael Jackson, complete with SARS mask!!

It’s gonna be a great weekend, ENJOY!


Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching this weekend.¬† We here at T$F we’re happy ot kick you some ideas for incredibly offensive men’s costumes here.

But what about those woman still wondering “What should I be this Halloween??”

Well…¬† follow the trends and be a sexXxy “fill in the blank.”

Here’s near 20 suggestions from us to you!¬† Enjoy!


Naughty Nun


Nearly Naked Bunny






SEXergizer bunny


Slutty Ghostbuster


Fat Rabbit


Wet T-shirt Contest Winner


Wardrobe Malfunction


Catwoman Whore


Devil Tramp


loose N.A.R.C.


Floozy Firefighter


Texas Hold 'Em!


Promiscuous Sherlock Holmes


Ninja Hooker


Harry Potter Prostitute


Construction Hussy


Gold Digger







Curator: Lefty Joe

Hollywood, California

November 14th-November 22nd 2009

Reception: SATURDAY, NOV. 14TH 2009 ‚ÄĘ 6PM-11PM


Hollywood Boulevard’s El Barn Gallery proudly presents the traveling display of SCREEN FIENDS: THE $TATUS FACTION’s printmaking exhibit.  The public display will open Saturday, November 14th from 6pm-11pm and continue during gallery operation thru November 22nd 2009.  It will be the first opportunity for Los Angeles to view this extensive collection of artist-printed and hand-finished canvases.

Standing in the midst of it all, neither higher nor lower, with all those who are working and struggling is The $tatus Faction (T$F). Located in Hollywood & established in 2007, T$F is a multi-dimensional collective composed of artists, designers, musicians, and elite creative individuals. Bonded thru respective past experiences, and fueled by congruent future ideologies, T$F is determined to resist conformity. All things being equal, T$F sets out to create their own scene, while avoiding the invasion of your available ones.

Hand silk-screening on canvas Screen Fiends explores themes of abstraction, humor, satire, geometry, politics, graffiti, self-promotion and destruction. Accompanying the exhibit will be an indoor installation, music, cocktails and exclusive T$F merchandise.


4628 Hollywood Blvd.
(At Vermont and across the street from Wacko)
Los Angeles, California 90027

Free Admission / All Ages
Complimentary Beer from Nakhon for 21+

Dodgeball updates

T$F continues to smash, we’ve won 4 games in a row.

TSF_Team Pic


We played the JUGGALOS last night.  Beat em by two games.  It was mad fun- these dudes are cool as hell and always win in spirit.  Plus they frequently destroy at the post-game drinking challenges.

Here’s a pic of Juggalo team captain Eric from (tim & eric awesome show – name check?)


capt. Eric Wareheim

BTW, if you have not seen the MAJOR LAZER video Pon De Floor that Eric directed, check it out, RESPECT!

Juggalos and Jugaettes

Juggalos and Jugaettes

They never had a chance despite their kewl face paint.


Brandon and Mike destroy

Big Mike

BIG Mike


T$F Team Huddle




ALSO…¬† in case any one cares (we don’t!)¬† Theres a dodgeball tournament for Halloween


Perfect appropriation

Remember when we hijacked the Colt 45 ad?



This might one-up on the new BLACK DYNAMITE posters.

He's Super Bad, He's Outta Sight, He's T$F.PERFECT FIT.

Blow Up L.A. Re-cap

Blow Up L.A. was rad!  T$F killed it.  Big props to Anne Lee and crew!  Thanks!

It was the annual Halloween-themed all night rager.


The place was tricked out.¬† We did our signature blend of theatrical performance/fine art for the event.¬† We really try and play up the action beyond just standing in front of an easel- we’ve done that before and it’s hard to keep peoples’ attention for long, plus it’s straight up kind of boring!

We rocked matching get ups…¬† we’ve previously been Baseball Furies, military troopers, drunken hobos and last Saturday we matched up in escaped convict suits.

We decided to recreate a piece of sculpture we did in Atlanta for the Screen Fiends exhibit.¬† We basically carved a refrigerator like a jack-o-lantern!¬† Watch out folks- we’re drinking and using power saws, lead pipes, toxic paint and anything else that can harm a human.

The sculpture came out sick!  People seemed more into it than some of our past performances and the vibes were great!  Great fuckin time!  Sick ass spot and dope underground event.

Heres some pics of the process of our performance.¬† I’m sure many more photos of the event will circle on Shadowscene, LA Weekly, Tommy B, Glenjamn and all those other sceney nightlife photo blogs.

Check it check it out!

Time to get started

Time to get started

Beat it like a cop!

Beat it like a cop!

Chop it like it's hot!

Chop it like it's hot!


T$F vs Mother Earth

T$F vs Mother Earth







Working Overtime…


Quit resisting arrest!

So is that what cops say just so they can stomp the shit out of you when get’n popped? I got done painting the other night and stopped by the grocery store to pic up some grub, there was a very strange air about the place everyone was staring at me? Did I have paint on my face? I notice two fools at the register checking out who seem kinda toyish nothing special so i check out and the two guys are right in front of me by like 10ft as were walking out the door… yo, as soon as they clear the exit “BOOM!” like for real 20 cops out of nowhere straight up APD!!! cars drop from the sky or some shit!!! Son, they were kicking the shit outta this one kid repeating the words “stop resisting arrest!” how the fuck are you gonna relax when getting beat by twenty cops? So fucking sketchy…IMG_0248IMG_0247IMG_0246IMG_0249 As you can tell the store security was doing his best to keep me from getting a good shot of this guy getting beat, they were not doing anything to his friend? turns out this guy was getting taken down on a murder charge! FUCK! If this kid popped off to me I would tried to beat his ass!!! all the people who were looking at me all strange in the store were under covers! ¬†so fuct up! ¬†Just goes to show, chose your battles wisely you never know… ¬†and in the words of a man much better than my self time to get over yourself!

Queen of the Hood 2

Super come-up last week!¬† Had some time to kill so I hit up the Goodwill in Loz Feliz.¬† They have an extensive collection of CD’s and DVDs for sale.¬† Since it’s L.A.¬† tons of people drop off (usually old) Oscar screeners, or tv pilots, or all types of decent shit that’s not the typical I Love Lucy remastered type.

I came up even better,  I got TWO documentaries.
One of them was “QUEEN OF THE HOOD 2.”


I brought the movie directly over to the T$F lab where we watched in awe.  My girl had to quickly digest some benzodiazepine from the immediate anxiety she got watching the film. I on the other hand was excited at first!

However…¬† similar to Bum Fights– I ended up just feeling sorry for the people in front of the camera.
The Movie opens with two smaller sized woman attacking a very large woman…¬† like a throw back to when Andre the Giant fought all those midgets in that old Wrestlemania!

This movie is insane.¬† It’s either old-ass bull-dyke-lesbots, homeless-drug-addicts, or gangster-bitch-runaways.¬† They take these ladies to some California forest to have at it in the woods.¬† No gloves, basically no rules and DEFINITELY bloodshed.¬† Chicks getting KICKED IN THE EYE, Bitten, punched a million times, all types of crazy shit.¬† One gal even throws a fistful of dirt in another girls eye!¬† Then in the middle of the movie some girl takes her clothes off at what looks like a camping site near a river.¬† All for the title “QUEEN OF THE HOOD.” Sweet!

Overall it’s pretty difficult for me to rate this movie.¬† It was pretty awesome.¬† You can hear all these guys behind the camera screaming “Choke her!¬† Choke her!¬† Punch her eyes!” Whoa!!

Strange thing about it‚ÄĒ me and the homie and my girl were exiting the freeway, at a grimy Hollywood location, and this homeless lady asked us for change at the stop sign off the freeway exit, and we all recognized her as one of the women from Queen of the Hood 2. Needless to say we gave her 60¬Ę and were ta-ta-totally star-struck! RAD!!!!

Oh and did I mention that the DVD was only $3.99 at the Goodwill? WIN!!!

DvdBox_FrontDvdBox_BackYou’re probably asking yourself “What is the other documentary purchased from the Goodwill??”

No big deal, it’s just KRUMP 2.0 Advanced Krumping Techniques.”

For Every King there is a Crown.

NOS (T$F) continuing to smash the South.¬† That’s a dude people love to hate.¬† NOS is like that dude who makes you feel guilty for being lazy.¬† Hate on NOS- but the truth is- you’re just mad at yourself!!!¬† Time to get over yourself!¬† Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahaha.


Blow Up L.A. x T$F

Saturday Oct 24
BLOW UP LA’s 4th annual

There is a really great lineup, and an awesome Haunted House happening, so get your costumes ready!


Admission is only $10 / $5 before 11 with RSVP to

Check out the artists!

Sammy Bananas”

Totally Michael

Ben Oprstu

Aaron Castle

Steven Bloodbath

Dr Disko Dust

And Celebrating the Birthdays of FRANKI CHAN & JESUS DEMONBABIES /

Super sick Art installation by The $tatus Faction

To party with us, Park at 2324 Hunter St @ Mateo, Downtown LA. Shuttles will be there to pick you up and take you to the secret spot!


Hit us up direct for FREE guest list!

Prom Night Dumpster Babies

P.N.D.B. lost to The $tatus Faction last night. They gave it a valiant effort, but failed.  Fairly close game but they also had about 10 more heads on their team.  Just made it all the more fun to beat them!

My favorite part was the deal sealer.¬† Seven minutes left in the hour and a 4 to 4 tie score game at hand.¬† We couldn’t lose to PNDB.¬† After smashing out 99% of their team, only the bowl-cut dude remained standing.

We’re about to wrap this guy up, he’s up close to the front line, a throw from close range forced the dude into a quick pancake and he hit the gym floor flat like it was a drive-by,¬† Unfortunately for the bowl-cut-kid, PHYLO came running up from back court and jumped up slamming a ball straight down into the dudes’ dome-piece.¬† He started yelling “HEad Shot!¬† HeaD Shot!!” since hits to the head are usually nullified in this league.¬† HOWEVER, there’s a new rule that states “if you have at least THREE body limbs touching the floor- head shots DO count” (since it’s a heavily defensive position).¬† He acknowledged the rule and Prom Night Dumpster Babies got dusted.

The irony is this dude is pretty good, he subbed several times on our team last season.¬† He is also a nerd-tech stickler for dodgeball rules.¬† Moral of the story is: Don’t cross T$F on the court.

Here’s a few photos thanks to Patrick Miller




I wanna fuck your car!

So my most recent venture out of Atlanta was to the great tri-city area of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill North Cackalacky as its refer’d to in the south. First I got off the plane and all the rental car spots were out I mean out of all cars!!! what the fuck am I gonna do?! Finally I get to Budget and they have 2 cars left both Camaros one yellow one Black… Of course I picked black…car

So it‚Äôs cold and shitty and I go stay at a fuck shit dump of a hotel that we stayed once before the only reason I like it is because it‚Äôs on the historic registry, the guy asked me what room I wanted and my only prerequisite was that it have a strong wireless signal. Well not only did it not have that but did not have cable, hot water, or a god damn phone that worked to call down to the shit stain and complain about the room! So what to do? rip up the bill and told the guy there was no way I was paying for shit! Just because I‚Äôm staying in a historic hotel does not mean I want the am amenities of some shit from the 1920’s!!! He agreed‚Ķ¬†¬†¬†Dive

In case you find yourself in NC do not get BBQ…¬† Carolina BBQ does not have sauce WTF?!




I would have to say that the highlight of my trip was after I left a place called “Pure Gold” where a good friend of mine use to take off her clothes… It was like 130am and i hear some chick yell’n at me… it was the girl in the car next to me at a stop light… she makes me pull over for some small talk, I ask her what she wanted and basicly she was all “I LOVE THAT CAR” and “YOUR SO MONEY IN IT” thats all it takes is a fresh as car to get the clothes off? what a joke!!!carshot


YO! it was like 40 degrees out! cold as fuck!!! this girl wanted to fuck the car?!! Its a rental bitch! you need to check your self. out of control! how does this shit happen?! positions are monetary its what’s inside that matters! plus you dont wanna end up on T$F blog? and if you do HOLLA!!!

Paid Scum

You might remember these 2 fellas from the 5th of May production, but here is some recent shots that I caught online… PS (Paid Scum) is one of the more¬†known crews in Atlanta right now, they are up I mean UP! The reason that these caught my eye is that they are a little different heat then they usually come with…




Cinco-Nos Rolla

caught this last week a few months young…cinconosrolla

King of Kings

If your not sure who Zephyer is you should go kill your self, for real! He is on of the pioneers of the New York subway graf, he started writing in 1977 and is STILL ACTIVE!!! although you will not catch him in NYC so much but in the city of the dirty birds yours trulys A-town down south Georgia the city that sleeps… a lot… some cats I know around town have had that privilege of getting down with him and I caught 3 of his trains last week 2 different locations in one day! The great thing about the trains I saw is that they were not new jobs by him but old and still ill!!!


T$F Dodgeball update…

Dodgeball has been good this season.  As defending champions there is a small sense of pressure to reign supreme.  Skills help but HEART will lead a team to the trophy!

The TEAM shirts were a smash hit- we’ll be doing TEAM PHOTOS this monday (Oct 19th) and enter our 5th game of the season.

If you didn’t get your shirt last week, it will be available this week too, and any leftover ones we’re going to put in the online store and sell to the public!¬† They’re dope purple shirts with white ink (alternate colorways coming soon).

TEAM T$F plays the Prom Night Dumpster Babies on Monday at 7:30pm (early game).

DballIn other dodgeball related news, T$F has collaborated with the Los Angeles Dodgeball Society to help them create the LEAGUE shirt.¬† This shirt is given to everyone on every team.¬† Teams select their t-shirt body color.¬† The shirts kinda lame, we here at The $tatus Faction love humor and parody, but spoofing logos and popular graphics is something we try to shy away from.¬† However- seeing as we did this design with little effort and for little compensation- who gives a fuck.¬† For those wondering what crappy LADS design you’ll get this season- here ya go!


Friday Updates!

TGIF!  Big things are continuing for T$F throughout 2009.  The year is not over yet!  We wrapped up two meetings yesterday and hammered out several details for upcoming shows.

October 24th we’ll be doing live art at an underground Halloween rager with BLOW UP L.A., and Novemeber 14th we bring our “SCREEN FIENDS” printmaking exhibit to Hollywood.¬† These aren’t the only projects in the works- these are just the confirmed dates we can release right now!

We’re extremely excited to participate with both¬† venues.¬† More detailed information is coming soon- bookmark this site and check often!¬† We’re working hard to contribute frequent new posts!¬† We know your attention span is shorter than average!

I took a couple snapshots on the morning commute.¬† There was exceptional traffic on the freeway and as my car nearly hit ZERO mph I was able to snap some pics of some gang graffiti.¬† These tags have been running for some time- at LEAST a month, maybe 3+, that’s pretty solid for a hotboy freeway spot like that.

But since the initial gang tags, there has been a heavy battle over the spot.¬† Cross outs galore- gang tag over gang tag over gang tag.¬† Still no buff from the city.¬† It’s turning into quite a delightful mess!

I was initially interested in this specific gang graffiti for the extensive roll call the dudes put up; “WS BUDS: BANDIT, STOMPER, CHUCKY, MUGSY, SAD BOY”

Gang1Gang2Gang3Seems like theres only a few different gangbanger aliases..¬† Like how many gangbangers can there be called “Tweety”,¬† “Snoopy,” “Mugsy” and “Lil SOmething Or Another” ? Probably tons! I don’t know for sure but I¬† certainly wouldn’t want to run into anyone named “STOMPER” to ask!

15 Offensive Halloween Costumes

You know it’s getting close to Halloween and you have no idea what to wear.

Well leave it to The $tatus Faction to kick you some free ideas!

Here’s our top 15 OFFENSIVE Halloween Costumes!

(in no particular order)

"Down for the Count"

"Down for the Count"


Hairy Vagina Face

Hairy Vagina Face

Tea Bag

Tea Bag

Pussy Liquor

Pussy Liquor

Muff Diver

Muff Diver

Douche Bag

Douche Bag

Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer

Pussy Magnet

Pussy Magnet

Genie Lamp

Genie Lamp

Camel Toe

Camel Toe

The Shocker

The Shocker



Retired HOOTERS girl

Retired HOOTERS girl


Mobbing hard

Some Old, Some New , Some Pink, Some Blue…


Toof front teeth

Cruised thru Melrose for the JOYRICH/STAMPD’ sample sale bbq-¬†
Thanks TOM for the grip of free beeeers
Saw these new Halloween Sharktoof posters over there.

NewToofEnded up running into the homie later that night at the Beyond Eden Art Fair.  This show was amazing.  More pics and info on that to come.  Sharktoof was doing some live painting and slanging some posters:

ToofBigPostersWas talking about the Halloween posters I saw, theres a 4th one too- its Taylor Swift as a wicked witch.
Cool shit- this a dope artist who doubles as a nice guy too!

Toof brought some funny masks he paper-mached last Halloween.
Peeps were lovin it.

ToofHelmetsGood work TOOF!




Meet HC, he is a very close friend of mine that I have known for a lot of years. We met in Columbus Ohio, the first¬†night we hung out he let off some shots from a 357mag right after _______¬†a guy and I immediately knew that I liked him.¬†We have¬†had all¬†kinds of business ventures¬†over the years from pushing thru all sorts of¬†dust,¬†sand, and other chemical¬†compounds to Russian cold war arms trade to moving all over the country ¬†in¬† similar cycles 4 of the same states in 7 yrs, playing in bands/producing music, ect… It¬†would take¬†an army to stop this guy, well one time the San Francisco¬†SWAT team did an okay job bringing him down after a¬†4hr stand off,(closing Franklin St.)¬†but that‚Äôs just cause he passed out.

After hanging out at his lake house yesterday we reminisced of how¬†amazing it was that after all these years we were not dead, but I guess it‚Äôs true only the good die young, ha!¬† I snapped a few pictures of HC’s body art that was mostly obtained during his extensive tour of the fine state of¬†Georgia’s correctional facility‚Äôs…¬†


As Im sure you know the stories go on and on but this is more of¬† for me just to say “Stay up Homie! Mad Love and Respect!!!”