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SharkToof Solo Show

That’s the homie.  When we’re not completely preoccupied talking about ourselves, we occasionally see SHARKTOOF.  Remember his Halloween posters and those  SHARK HEAD MASKS we rocked?  Or the Thriller Poster that we shot on Beverly?  And you can’t forget when T$F and Toof landed in NYLON…  shit was dope.

Come thru to his (first?) SOLO show at L.A.’s beloved Barracuda on Melrose tomorrow!!!

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3750 T$F Stickers

You’re magnetic and so lovable, but you’re just trouble!

For you dudes who still wear backpacks, this is what 14 pounds of vinyl stickers looks like.

Printed a couple new posters yesterday




Hope you like em.

That Shits Fresh!

Paper Planes.

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this song…

Oh Lord…

the homie hit the jackpot with this one! I think that its about heroin… and I think the guy in the middle wrote it…

Thriftstore Giftstore

Always a good time at the thrift store.  Hit up this monster spot in Lincoln Hgths.  The cool people know what I’m talking about.  Was looking for frames.  Couldn’t resist checking out the massive selection of vintage clothing.  I don’t think old shirts are still trendy, but there’s always some good laughs.  Here’s a few of our favorites.

Shit is just too funny.  I could just imagine the conversation:

Dude A.) “Yo ‘sup wit that shirt?  Shit is dooope! Is that Lacosté?”

Dude B.) “Yo homie, it’s a CROCODILE shirt, don’t even worry about it…”

Really having buyer’s regret on that bootlegged Lacosté polo shirt.  Oh well.


(Inside Joke)


Some Masonic workwear.
Seen this Cold Case recently…
showed alot of the Masons also doubled as Klan members. Fail.

Pierre Cardin, mint with original tags.

Left with nothing.

Hit up this Goodwill nearby.
Every 10 minutes the store dumped “new” shit into these bins and the mother fuckin broke scavengers went at it like seagulls as your beach picnic.
We wanted to videotape it but got scurred.  Jajajaja

Some dope type on a 12″

Some other pics from last weekend.
the new ADBUSTERS magazine cover:

Master mixologists at Tiki-Ti. Get a Bloody Tiki truuust.

This fuckin guy Eddie.