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To New Beginnings

~Things change~

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“Where have you been?!”

So much going on its hard to keep up with life!!! projects are in the works its raining money and it cant get much better than this!! the Dirty South on Super Smash mode!!! where is Cee-lo?!!!


just a little teaser!

I’m With Stupid (U).

(Photos below ©  THE DIRT FLOOR 2010, All Rights Reserved.)


“FREEDOM OF STREET” – book preview

The $tatus Faction is proud to announce their upcoming book release “FREEDOM OF STREET.”

“Freedom of street” is the freedom to exhibit art without
censorship or limitation, or both. The synonymous term
“freedom of expression” is sometimes used to indicate not only
freedom of verbal speech but any act of imparting information,
regardless of the medium used. Every American citizen may,
accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be
responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined
by law. The free communication of ideas and opinions, can be a
dangerous physical activity.”

Freedom of Street documents T$F graffiti and street art over the last two years.

Publish Date 2010/11

Dimensions & Specs:
• 7″ x 7″ Square, 80 pages, full color.
• Softcover printed on 10 pt. cover stock with overlaminate and durable perfect binding.
• Inside printed on 100lb. premium paper with matte finish.
• Professionally Printed in the USA.

Although this publication is in our online store, it will not be available to the public until Jan 2011.

Below are a few previews of the book, as well as the front/back cover (click to enlarge).

Guns Blazing!

Locked and Loaded

photo © by: The Flooz. 2010

Lady Liberty dead at age 124.

(click photos to enlarge)

New T$F work on the streets of Los Angeles.
Some really talented artists on this wall, including SLOTH (KOG/LTS), SPACE INVADER, and SEIZER.
The colors and steelo on that Sloth piece are inspiring. Dope shit!!

You might have to zoom on that pic to see the details of our poster.  It’s murder!!
This hand-painted paste-up is gigantic.
The letters and outlines made with small brush paints, the other paint is metallic gold & silver.

Inspired from a PHYLO painting, this image finally hit the street over a year later.
Here’s some old photos from the (2009) art exhibit “That Shit’s Fresh” at THE RONIN GALLERY.