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Life goes on…

Its been a super crazy few weeks I dont even know where to begin…

While making these pictures I passed out from the fumes and the UPS guy delivering the new T$F chains woke me up form the slumber, Why was he here at 8:30pm?

Lost some love this week don’t want to talk about it, but there some pictures above and below…

The grave is not done but it is a double head stone for the two inside…100 foot “THE STATUS FACTION” location unknown short up date I know bust I wanna roll! so yo I got some crazy monster shit on the way!!! PEACE! STAY TUNED CRAZY SHIT IN THE WOOKS!!!


life is to much

3rds Poppy

says he misses you… xoxox!

The Atlanta Faction

Freeway spot that we got back when the homies were in town still running!!!

Christmas Gifts

So it’s almost time for the BIG holiday!

Here’s a few gifts I picked up for the homies.

Got a couple bootleg dvd’s from the one-armed Mexican dude in Vernon.

Copped this for my brother PHYLO.  Who knew he was a “movie star??!?!”


Bought a couple of these “HIGH ROLLIN'” Dice Games with art by MIKE GIANT.

Shit was a steal at $10, came with a (unsigned) mini-poster of the artwork- shit is DOPE!

My man Willie-Smalls is gonna crack out on cee lo (four-five-six) with these joints!!

But don’t bother..  they sold out OVER NIGHT!  Dayum- get ’em Mike!