New World Alliance

The reason I love this video is its straight up entrapment!!! Now Police are not allowed to do this, but hey… Anything goes for us right?!  The real story here is that muthafuckas front! You see people up in the streets and doing things but they are to young too realize how shit really is. This town is full of weak youngsters, you got to be strong to survive in many different ways not just your art but mind, body and spirit. I’ve been around along time and I’m quick to give respect to anyone that walks my way but if you fuck up then its a wrap like christmas! Some people see this as a sign of weakness for me but if your looking for weaknesses in others that usually means that your trying to compensate for yo small DICK!!!

People getting all upset over the diss but its the principle.WAKE UP!!

The best part of this diss is it was done with about as much respect and effort as the other end of the phone call… I busted out chuckling when I saw it…


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