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Elvis and Earth doing big thangs.

Photo by: ATLphotoCentre


Holding on

T$F still holding down

photos by NDA, Darryl Oliver and CTE Creative,

(T)hirty (S)ix (F)orms


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TSF: Insurgence

The Status Faction tries to avoid logo spoofs for the most part, but this opportunity was too good to pass up. Follow the journey as TSF campaigns to jam Atlanta.

If you know Atlanta then you’ve seen their city seal.

The Atlanta city seal includes the Phoenix rising from its ashes, symbolic of the city’s rebuilding following its destruction during the Civil War. Two significant dates are outlined on the city seal: 1847 – the year the first city charter was established – and 1865 – the year after Atlanta burned at the hands of General Sherman, yet the same year, it rose from the ashes stronger than ever. On the seal is the word “RESURGENS” which is latin for “rising again”.

We’re pretty sure this seal has been graphically flipped more than a few times, but The Status Faction wanted to turn it completely inside out, both visually and textually. Our goal was to invert the meaning from ‘rising again’ to ‘revolting against’.  We’re not clear if “INSURGENS” is proper latin, but it’s our spin on the english spelling “insurgence” meaning: the action or an instance of rebellion; an insurrection. That covered the typography of the city seal.

The second aspect was the rising phoenix, we replaced it with the skeleton of a bat.
In Western culture, the bat is often a symbol of the night and its foreboding nature. The bat is a primary animal associated with fictional characters of the night, both villains like Dracula and heroes like Batman. What could be a better creature to represent the nocturnal T$F rebels?!?!

At the beginning of Summer, 3RD1 and NOS head south to “The A” (nobody actually calls it Hotlanta). Our goal being to reproduce this graphic in monumental scale, and without asking permission. We find a prime spot along Atlanta’s Beltline, adjacent to the city’s newest skateboard park and along a highly trafficked pedestrian route.

Coincidently it’s right under what the city named the “FREEDOM PARKWAY BRIDGE”

Photo © Tucker Bair / Andrew Stowe / Giacomo Waller, 2010

T$F used house paint, foam brushes, and rollers for this project.

Always being one thing or another- we dealt with some light rain while painting in the dark.

Here’s the finished work:

We also added an enormous full spell out of “THE STATUS FACTION” letters, in case you can’t read.

However successful the work was, we didn’t stop there, we also cremated the city with 2,000 stickers for good measure.

Photo © Nick Allin, 2011

Here are just a couple photos of that inclusion to the campaign (click to enlarge):


[Disclaimer: The Status Faction is aware of L.A.’s  Insurgency Inc. and by no means are we intentionally stepping on their toes.  We’ve met them on multiple occasions and it’s been a pleasure. In an effort to avoid confusion, we’ve kept our public display of “Insurgens” stickers in the state of Georgia. RESPECT!]

Steady Mobbing…

We still love our iconic ‘THAT SHIT’S FRESH” and “THE STATUS FACTION” bills.


Burning it up!

Good times with NOS and THIRD ONE. They kid about trying to burn each other. NOS was hating on his color palette, but both agreed that Rusto’s American Accent “Honey Wheat” was an ugly color to start with, but didn’t stop them from going thru near 10 cans of it.

Shit was pretty major and a great time, NOS went super tech and killed it with the Independent iron cross topper.

THIRD went for the creeper-style super spell out taking 3 panels instead of 2. It’s always challenging to go bigger than NOS, dude always goes so L A R G E!

We’ll call it a tie!

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Sticker Combos and Crack Heads


Atlanta is filled with some of the nicest crack heads you’ll ever bump into.  No doubt rock runs hard in the city. Dope boys and dope traps run rampant.

A couple fun combos included some odd fiends around the action.

This box got wrapped up during the day and people were definitely weirded out by what we were doing.  Cars were looking on, pedestrians were asking questions and also making compliments.  Someone called this “creative.”  I think they actually understood!  HA!

While this thing was getting wallpapered up, some doped out lady with no shoes on got struck by a car at an intersection.  We’d like not to think that it was our fault, since our actions were distracting to motorists at the intersection.  She got knocked the fuck out, but  managed to get up and walk off to the side of the street in a daze.  Some lady ran across the street with a cell phone to call the authorities.  An ambulance AND a full size firetruck came to the scene. I guess she was a “captain save-a-crackhead.” HA!

The next day when going to photograph the combo, in the same fuckin intersection a 16-wheeler big rig had it’s front tire pop right off the rim!  The tire went snowballing down the road and rolled “safely” over and into a bunch of flowers on the side of the road.  The tireless rim scratched a deep and long cut into the road, shit was wild.  Cops came to block the street while they did damage repair.  Lucky we weren’t killed putting this together.  THE STREETS ARE WILD! 

This next jumbotronic combo has a good tale too. We spent a hot minute getting this one all tidy.  This funny ass cracked out dude came thru.  3RD gave him some change to buzz off, then he started to juice NOS for his change.  NOS told him he worked hard for the cake and wasn’t about to hand it out.  So the dude was all “put me to work!” and Nos said “what the fuck you gonna do for me?” The crackhead had a great solution “I’ll pick up all this trash here, I’ll pick it up real good.”  He was referring to the hundreds of paper sticker backs all over the ground in front of the box.  Shit, this was the best $1.35 spent!  He picked that garbage up good!  T$F doesn’t like to leave all that litter on the ground, but who likes cleaning up after themselves?

During the time he was lingering around, the fiend was singing Tupac and messing up the lyrics. Shit was hilarious he was all “TELL MARY nigga run quick see, do you wanna ride or die…” HAHAHAH WTF?!? After that he went on to tell us how legendary Pac was and that Michael Jackson was too.  Said he met MJ and he looked like a women, then he did this HILARIOUS impersonation of his voice, high-pitched of course.  Shit was classic.  He was a nice man.  He took the near $2 we gave him and said he was “finna hit up Church’s chickens before they close.”  GOOD TIMES IN THE ATL.